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Points of Pride 2024

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Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) is excited to announce that four district schools have received the prestigious Cognia STEM Certification! Babb Middle School, Mundy's Mill Middle School, Fountain Elementary School, and Michelle Obama STEM Elementary Academy have been recognized for their exemplary commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Cognia, a globally recognized organization for accreditation and continuous improvement, conducted a thorough evaluation of our schools' STEM programs, curriculum, and instructional practices.

 After a rigorous assessment process, we are proud to announce that all four schools successfully met the standards set forth by Cognia. This is clear evidence that these schools are dedicated to providing high-quality STEM education. “This certification serves as a testament to the collective efforts of our exceptional educators, administrators, support staff, and students, who have worked tirelessly to foster a culture of excellence in STEM education,” said Ms. Trina Reaves, CCPS Director of STEM and Innovation. “Our schools have consistently promoted critical thinking, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and innovation through hands-on experiences, preparing our students for future success in an increasingly technology-driven world.”


Mundy's Mill Middle School shines a spotlight on excellence in attendance, acknowledging the remarkable dedication of Mrs. Jackson, an 8th-grade ELA teacher, along with students Faith Landers (6th grade) and London Mack (8th grade) for their exceptional attendance records since   the school year commenced.

    Mrs. Young, an influential figure at the school, continues to champion the crucial message that "Attendance Matters." Her ongoing efforts in spearheading multiple attendance initiatives reinforce the school's mission to emphasize the significance of regular attendance. With a focus on student engagement and presence, Mrs. Young's initiatives aim to instill in students the understanding that being present and engaged significantly contributes to academic advancement, making an 8-point increase in achievement an attainable goal.


On March 29th, showcasing a diverse array of career opportunities to students. Among the highlights was the immersive experience provided by our very own Clayton County Schools Capital Projects Construction Department, where students delved into the intricacies of constructing a new school from inception to completion.

   Participants were given a comprehensive overview of drafting blueprints and were guided through the complexities of structural engineering, gaining first hand insights into every stage of the construction process. Through interactive activities and dynamic demonstrations, students experienced the collaborative efforts between architects, engineers, and construction workers, witnessing firsthand how dreams are transformed into reality.


    Mundy’s Mill Middle School recently hosted the iCan Girls in Engineering Georgia after-school session to introduce girls to engineering. This workshop was created by the partnership of Atlanta Gas Light, Georgia Power, Milhouse Engineering & Construction, and Milhouse Charities to engage and bring awareness to the next generation of problem solvers.

    During the workshop, participants learned the foundation of the Engineering Design Process and applied that knowledge to construct mobile phone stands from popsicle sticks. The event was a resounding success, with students enjoying the hands-on experience and leaving the event inspired and anxiously awaiting the forthcoming workshop in May. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Pitts for supporting this initiative and commend iCan Girls in Engineering Georgia for their commitment to making a positive impact and creating awareness and equity for girls in engineering.


Mundy's Mill Middle School proudly announces an upcoming theatrical event showcasing a double bill of laughter with "Check Please" and "Hardy Candy" by Jonathan Rand. Audiences was invited to indulge in an hour of comedic entertainment that promises to delight and amuse. This evening was filled with laughter as talented students brought these one-act plays to life on stage.